Welcome To Quest Laboratories Limited

Who we are

Quest Laboratories Ltd is the leading Laboratory in inspection, Verification of
Company in the East African region. We are based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are in the
business of providing support systems and solutions to agricultural and livestock
producers, smallholder farmers and environmental concerns within the East African


how we work

We respond to the needs of our clients by thoroughly understanding the nature and
scale of their problems, offering carefully researched options and recommendations
for their problems and offering support in the implementation of these solutions.
Our belief is that management systems should deliver the desired results and documentation
is an aid to productivity, rather than an imposition.

Benefits of working Quest Laboratories Ltd

  • Reliable Customer Service - Using proven tools we help evaluate cost/performance
    tradeoff, develop strategies for meeting customer expectation and respond to domestic
    and global market growth.
  • Improved productivity- Develop a well trained work force through Quest Laboratories
    Ltd education, training, and certification with International recognized certification
  • Higher profitability- Every company works on reduced cost of production to
    balance Expenses to profits, With quest we offer top notch affordable quality services.
  • Give you an edge to competetive world-With a dedicated team to innovation
    and upto date solutions, Quest laboratories is undisputed option
  • Retain your Staff- Enhance your employees satisfaction through provision
    of professional development opportunities

best practices and solutions to improve quality and efficiency throughout
your organization